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What Our Students say About Northwoods!

"My name is Eli , I’m from Chicago, and I am enrolled in Northwoods in Bonners Ferry. I am attending Bonners Ferry High School. It was a little weird going back to public school after not being in one for almost a year, but I’ve adjusted quite well. I’m also getting excellent grades in school. I’ve been getting only B’s and A’s for the last few weeks and it really feels great. I’ve been going to Iron Mike’s health club every day after school, and I am planning to wrestle for the junior varsity wrestling team at the high school. Things at Northwoods are really going great for me right now. "

"I'm 16 years old and I'm a student at Northwoods. I've been here for about two months now and I'd have to say that my stay has been a very productive on. We go on a lot of activities that I would never even think I would enjoy but I end up loving anyways. It has really gotten me active in life being here and I really enjoy it. I still keep a good relationship with my family and being at Northwoods has made it clear to me how important that is, I hope that after my stay here I will be able to come back into my home environment without worrying about anything. Northwoods is really helping me change my life.

I have been lucky enough in my life to travel to many different places. I have been to Jamaica, Aruba, and the Dominican Republic, but none of those trips has compared to what I am experiencing here in La Tigra, Costa Rica. La Tigra is up in the Mountains in the middle of the country and away from all of the popular beaches and hot tourist spots. Here in Costa Rica I am really getting a good taste of the culture, something I didn’t get in Jamaica, Aruba or Dominican Republic staying at the high end hotels.

We have plenty of things to keep us occupied and I have seen all kinds of birds, including Tucans, a few snakes, monkeys, crocodiles, Jaguarmundis, armadillos, and a sloth or two. Costa Rica is a really fascinating place and I would love to come back in the future. Every student that writes about the Costa Rica trip probably says something along these lines “This trip will be something I will remember for the rest of my life” and that is what I am going to end this with."

"I have been here for 18 months. Northwoods has changed my life forever. I have been through every stage: passiveness, denial, rebellion, and in the end I was able to come out more mature and wise than I ever was before. All the staff here are "smarter" than us. They have been around longer and only want the best. There are many paths to take down the Northwoods trail, and I was able to find the right one through the darkness. Northwoods can be any thing you make it to be it's up to you. I can honestly say that Northwoods is a place where you can change for the better. Nothing is forced, but taking responsibility for your actions. All of the Northwoods staff have my eternal gratefullness for putting up with me and helping others. A quote comes to mind when I think of Northwoods: "Some give gifts that fit upon mantles others give gifts of positive examples. Thanks to everyone who has helped me become a man."

"I have learned not to be negative and
bringing other people down is wrong."


"Competing on the swim team and going to state. I also really like the area and snowboarding in the winter. My host family was great."


"Northwoods has not only helped me grow as a person, but as a young man. I have had so many great times here at Northwoods, like camping, cliff jumping, rock climbing, and kayaking... I would like to thank the staff here for not giving up hope on me when times were hard."


"The most valuable thing I learned here at Northwoods was turning challenging situations into victories. "

"Last May I came to Northwoods with one goal, to graduate High School. Now thanks to my parents strong commitment and Matt & Dave hangin' on to their hats I have finally made it. While I have stayed at Northwoods I have become a completely different person. When I was at home I was out of control and going nowhere. 12 months living at Northwoods has helped me to mature and learn the power of goals."

"I am really glad I got to experience the Costa Rican families and the culture.  It has been an experience that I really think will change what I do in the future."

"This has been an amazing experience for me.  It has allowed me to work on my racism.  Living in another culture has shown me a better understanding of other cultures and where they come from.  I have made my first good friend of a different race, and now I am eager to learn Spanish so I can better communicate with him." 

"Being in Costa Rica has really impacted me by opening my eyes as to how another country does things.  It has also helped me face my fears of other cultures, this has been a very rewarding experience."

"Going into town and interacting with the community has been amazing.  Costa Rica has given me such a great relationships with people from a whole different culture.  Being here has also helped me work on my own values in a awesome environment."

"Costa Rica is a wonderful part of the world, I'm so greatful to have this experience , to see and enjoy, what Ticos see and enjoy every day,Hugo you are a great man, a great mentor even a greater friend, Words like great, amazing and incredible don't even come close to express how phenomenal Costa Rica really is. I'm truly greatful for the experience living with the Mendez family. The costa ricans are my kind of people. Very greatful for their hospitality, kindness, and their love, I will never forget my time here at La Tigra Costa Rica. "

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