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All Boys Boarding School for Troubled Teens with Depression
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 Troubled Teen Help! What Parents SayGreat things about Northwoods
Boarding School for Trouble Teens

"Northwoods provided me with everything I need to keep my life on the right track. Northwoods provides many great opportunities in a very helpful and healthy environment"


Year Round Residential Program for Boys

Northwoods, started in 1993, emphasizing on academic and personal growth. We are committed to offering a challenging and stimulating experience that is uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual, thus enriching the lives of our students, their families, and ourselves. We make every effort to keep our program affordable while providing a safe, supportive environment.

Northwoods' students learn through professionally guided experience; we explain, demonstrate, and immediately offer opportunities for the student to practice newly-acquired skills. Over the course of the program, we turn more and more responsibility over to the students, enhancing their ability to plan and organize, and increasing their feeling of accomplishment.

While challenging students to become increasingly responsible, our chief concern is for the physical and emotional safety of each individual student. Many of our students are away from their families for an extended period of time for the first time in their lives. We maintain a high adult-to-student ratio and monitor the students' interpersonal interactions in order to ensure that each student is treated with dignity and respect.

Northwoods' focus is teaching and mentoring a healthy lifestyle. We believe a healthy life includes the following:

  • A joyous existence in which one feels a "zest for life".

  • A way of living that maximizes one's potential.

  • A purposeful direction which gives meaning to life.

  • An ability to adapt to the challenges of a changing environment.

  • A sense of social responsibility.

Northwoods in Bonners Ferry
P.O. Box 8
6889 Apple Alley
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

Northwoods in Sagle
PO Box 676
279 S. Sagle Rd
Sagle, ID 83860
Northwoods in Costa Rica
APDO Box 129
La Fortuna, San Carlos
Alajuela Costa Rica

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